Monday, February 15, 2010

I am so confused by this process!

Now, it doesn't really matter that I have earned a doctorate...this process is meant to drive sane people nuts. At the beginning of February (4 weeks, not including the 2 week winter holiday) we recieved an e-mail from the adoption agency saying that there were some changes that needed to be made in the homestudy. Some of the things that they want out are things that IL require. They are going to figure it out I guess. Then we needed to provide all these finanical documents that I offered up months ago, but our homestudy agency said we didn't need. I guess now we do.

Now there is a break in comminication about the figerprint process. The paperwork from the adoption agency says one thing and the homestudy agency told me to do another thing. This question was poseed to the adoption agency: "Also David and Wynter were not fingerprinted using the FBI fingerprinting cards and sending those off to the FBI directly. The method mostly used in Illinois is to use Accurate Biometrics which scans the prints directly into the system and then using our agency's ORI number, sends a report directly to us. So the documentation for both state and FBI will be a print out - not cards. " What the heck is the difference between cards and a print out????

So we wait to see if we need to do something else. So, after adoption agency approves once again, it is off to DCFS for approval which I am told takes another 3 weeks.