Saturday, April 14, 2012

Referrals, but not our daughter

I have been hesitating to write here, but I did want to let everyone know that something is going on. It will be three years in June and we are not going to renew again, so if it was meant to be it will happen soon. We received a "call" in January, but it was a boy (we have three boys, so that was a no). We received another call on March 24th for a 12 month old girl. We were very excited, we called the doctor and did the research. Unfortunately, she has potential problems that may not have been overcome with general therapy and extra help. With three other children we thought it would be too much. To say that we are sad and frustrated is an understatement. But, if I was meant to be a mother to a daughter, then it will happen, if not I rejoice in the love of my husband and my three awesome boys! We are already so lucky.