Monday, November 2, 2009

Final homestudy meeting

Now we wait for the social worker to type up our homestudy. We have to provide her with a note from our 2nd son's doctor, because he has a heart defect. (not sure why this matters, but we will do so). She said it could take up to a month to put the homestudy draft together.

I have been thinking about the transitional objects. I found a nice soft album on Amazon that seems perfect at It holds 12 pictures.

I also think a build-a-bear with our voices recorded on it, seems like a good idea. The social worker suggested a blanket, but I like the soft doll idea better, since I'm sure the children all share blankets.

I am sending some of our papers to Michigan to get those apstilled this week. The Illinois papers will have to wait for the completed homestudy.

I hung some pictures of prairie flowers in her room last night. Our 2 oldest boys' room is done in a forest theme, our baby boy has a swamp/marsh theme, and she will have a prairie theme. David explored the doll house designs at Hobby Lobby today! So it's not just me who is jumping the gun a bit with the thoughts of a daughter joining the family.