Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homestudy update process

After almost a month and a half of our homestudy agency telling us that they are busy, they finally scheduled our homestudy update meeting. We had the meeting today, everything is the same except for the name of our nanny, so hopefully it will be sent to Lina for review quickly. The update was $900 and the nanny's medical exam and fingerprints were $100. We had to file a request to renew our FBI & state fingerprints, this was $75 each. The USCIS immigration update (I-800a) apparently does not have a fee, but I assume the fingerprints do.

I am so frustrated by the seemingly endless waiting process as everyone else is who is waiting. I wish there was a list and some order to it all. I am very tempting to switch countries, but as much as the wait and the process seems unfair, I am a practical person and the $13,000 we have invested seems like a lot of money to just let it all go and start over. We are just about two years into the whole process now, waiting for 11 months now.


  1. Hang in there. I took 14 months for our referral to come, and oddly enough, now I hardly remember the the wait (seems impossible, right?). It's going to happen for you.

  2. Yes, it WILL happen. It is so frustrating at this point, I know. It took 13 months for our referral...but all that time melted away once we were matched. I know there are so many families who have had much shorter waits, there certainly is no science to it, and no "line" to wait it. It is amazing though how the matches are absolutely perfect once they happen.