Monday, May 30, 2011

Time to renew our Homestudy

I have been hesitating to post lately, just out of frustration with this whole process. Now I see why so many people stop in the middle of the process. We have been very upset that there seems to be no sense to the "waiting list". Families with the similar requests to ours have a short wait, when we having been waiting more than 10 months now. I wish there was some order to the whole thing, I feel bad having these "it's not fair" feelings. I AM just happy that things are happening for some people, it does give me hope that maybe our turn is coming.

IN the meantime, we have been asked by our adoption agency to start the renewal process on our homestudy 4 months in advance of the immigration paperwork expiring. So that is June, so I am told. I contacted the homestudy agency and of course there is a large fee for the renewal process. The biggest hurdle is telling our new au pair that she has to get a blood test and be finger printed. Good thing David speaks Spanish.


  1. The waiting is so news, just waiting! We waited almost 11 months, and then traveled very quickly to meet our son. He is perfect for us, and the waiting was worth it, but I remember the frustration and it's not fair feelings! hopefully you will meet your child soon!

  2. Amen sister. 13.5 months yesterday.

  3. Wish I could say something to make it better. At least your agency is aware of the time frame and your paper work didn't expire?? (Yes, that really happened to us. AFTER we accepted a referral, then we needed to re-apply. NOT cheap or fun.)

    Hang in there. As Kelly said, the wait is always worth it in the end. Here's to hoping that your "end" is sooner rather than later. :)